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Interactive Spiritual Ceremony

Bar and Batmiztvah

As the daughter of a rabbi, I grew up in synagogue and youth movement leading prayer, reading Torah and teaching students. 

This is a passion of mine - to help a bar/bat mitzvah student find their voice, develop their confidence and sing as beautifully as they can on their special day.

In addition, I help to guide and lead the service - which is built together with the family catering to their specific needs.


Reading Torah

I teach bar and bat mitzvah to chant their Torah portion according to the traditional blessings and trope, as well as to lead parts of the service. This process ideally begins 2-6 months before the ceremony.

Prayer Service

Together with the family, we build a service that incorporates traditional prayers as well as songs/ poems that are meaningful to you. I lead the service with guitar and singing.  I often work with rabbis.

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