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Michal Shababo

Singer Songwriter

“Her gutsy, uplifting, heart centered delivery pulls the audience into a love fest.” Tim Britton, Paradiso Cafe, Fairfield Iowa


"The joy she pours through her originals and classic covers is irresistible" Paulina Elizabeth

Academically-trained musician and composer, the nomadic Michal Shababo brings music wherever she goes.

Michal has performed internationally in countries such as South Africa, USA, Israel, Thailand and Portugal.She performs live with multiple instruments, mainly piano and guitar.

Her album “Breathe It In”  is a modern take on folk-rock music of the late sixties and is heavily influenced by the Beatles among many others.

Mastered by Grammy-winning sound engineer Emily Lazar, and featuring some of the best musicians from Israel - including the African Hebrew Gospel Choir, the album is a life story that contains a message of unity, hope and peace.

"Beautiful album for a beautiful woman raising beautiful babies making beautiful music"

Emily Lazar
Grammy-winning Sound Engineer


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