Who Am I?

Well a bit about me...

Who am I?

Ok, deep breath, let's be zen :-)

A bit of meditation, try to focus as my daughter is playing on the floor next to me (with a makeup mirror, which I recently discovered is a handy travel toy.

Am hoping she doesn't go for my jewellery, which I have been meaning to hang up for ages (if I knew how to use a drill...)

Ok, another deep breath.

Everything in it's time.

כל דבר בזמנו

Ok, I have about five minutes (hopefully)

I am:

a Woman,

a Mother,

an Artist

a Life Partner

a Work in Progress

a Jew

a Daughter

a Sister

a Friend

Now I would need to put them in order of importance right?

No, they are a mindmap.

All are spinning around at all times...

Constantly changing and evolving...

So in conclusion, I am a human, just trying to find my way through this maze like the rest of us, and hopefully sharing the journey with others...

Moriya 215.JPG
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