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So close now...


I am at the mastering stage.

It is the final stage before the music is ready to share with the world.

A few weeks recently were spent digesting the fact that I will be putting myself out into the public sphere in the coming months.

There were a few days which I felt paralyzed by this reality.

I feel now I have accepted whatever that may bring and pray for strength to always have my priorities clear (family first), to stay grounded and guided by the One at all times.

The journey of choosing someone to master is also an interesting one.

I have been presented with an opportunity to work with someone who is internationally renowned and brilliant in their own right.

Of course due to their caliber, the cost of this is far beyond what I originally planned.

Yet it will give the music the best chance of going forward into the world.

I have faith that I will somehow recoup all this money that my husband (mainly) and I have put into my art. I am so grateful to him for his support. It has not been easy to justify spending that kind of money on art when there are many other practical and necessary things that we need, and things that he needs - like to have the time for his own creative ventures.

This process has been my therapy, my expression, and enabled me to become so much closer to the One who Creates All.

I have faith because I feel it has all come from The Source.

I pray that this album enables me to support my husband in his dreams, as he has supported me in mine.

It's important to have dreams and aspirations, yet also important to remain grounded and find contentment with our actual reality.

To this end, I am gaining much satisfaction from the songwriting course I am now teaching.

Four women have joined me on this journey and shared their hearts and souls with me and with each other. Each has written a beautiful and honest song.

This is a course that I hope to continue running for women who need and want to express themselves. No experience is necessary; It is a Guided Process.

I pray to Hashem for guidance in the coming weeks.

Love to all of you


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